God is a mad

God is a mad


–a book review for Steve Jobs


The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

Steve Jobs, by Walter lsaacson, is really a great book. It shows us his wonderful life which was just like a roller coaster. In my opinion, the writer did a  lot of on researching each details of Jobs, good or bad, and also tried his best to make them complete. Thanks to his hard work, we can know a real Apple Father’s whole life.

After my reading, I think his success is as a natural progression. His Zen spirit and the reality distortion field are the bases of his works, and his passion add them into the perfect Apple devices. So everyone prefer him like a god, but in my mind, he is really a mad.

Thanks to his study of Buddhism, he achieved the central spirit of it–Zen Spirit. From the early designing principles to the whole Apple’s philosophy, Zen Spirit is the basis. So what’s Job’s Zen Spirit? Two phrases are enough–extreme simplicity and focus on. You can understand the two words not only by looking up in the dictionary, but also by using Apple’s products. Have you ever noticed the rounded rectangles at four corners? Do you enjoy the inertia flip function when you use your iphone? Also, you don’t have to read the instructions to learn how to play your ipad, do you? They are all the embodiment of ultimate simplicity.

Just like Tim cook said, “ For ignore the around noise, nobody does a better work than Jobs. ”For Apple, they only have several terms, but they are correct and direct, so the officers always know what they want to do clearly. Today, Apple is still strong, because of the legacy which Jobs has left can go deeply into everyone’s mind and actions.

The reality distortion field, at the same time, is also the Job’s skill to change the world. But it is different from the Zen Spirit because nobody can learn it very well form him. This character sounds like a word in an Science fiction that is so impossible, but as you see, Stere Jobs use it properly easily. As the Apple was young, compared with xerox and IBM, it is so trivial and weak, but Jobs often refused the real world. He did the tasks with his reality distortion field. For example, he asked the engineers to finish a new product by the end of January, though it was too hard. With the help of these ambitions, Apple could face a lot of difficulties when they didn’t have enough methods and resources.

Back to his regular life, this guy is a little difficult to get on well with. He can shout to someone with any polite words, because they doesn’t do a good job. He can’t stand the little mess of life and also, he is not a real “ gentleman” at all ! Only curry favour, without any abilities. In fact, he is right. His officers are all full personalities, and at the same time, they are really the top in their subject!

Jobs, is a god or a mad? For me, I think a mad achieved to be a god. Without him, well, I can’t have my ipod to listen my favourite songs. Anyway, he is my hero, and the book is worth to read.



William. H